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Here at Wolfgang Athletics, we believe that slow progress is better than no progress. We focus on getting 1% better everyday and we achieve that by offering a variety of classes! Every class is 50 minutes of fun and focus! You'll be coached by a fitness professional driven and committed to your success.

Adult: Total Body Strength

Total Body Strength is a small group fitness program with a circuit style of training. Our TBS program is designed to combat the increase of preventable diseases. Functional strength training to maintain/improve muscle mass, bone density and metabolism for longevity and vitality are cornerstones of TBS. This program is for those who are looking to step into resistance training and strategic strength training.

Intensity: Moderate

Impact: Low to Moderate

Training Age: 20+

Group Size 3 - 6

Youth: Speed and Strength

Youth Speed and Strength is designed to increase the athlete's fitness abilities. Our YSS program provides guided strength training, plyometrics, mentorship, and diverse performance drills. Let’s create an environment where the athlete gains an explosive edge! This program is for those looking to take a dive into committed performance enhancement.

Intensity: High to Moderate

Impact: High to Moderate

Training Age: 8 - 18

Group Size 3+

Location: Indoor/Outdoor options

Package Options

With every class pack you have the freedom to schedule your classes on your availability without the worry of committing to a time or day per week. Every pack has a 3 month expiration date. Use it or lose it! See options below.


This path we will focus on your individual journey. It's okay to stray away from the pack to focus on being an Alpha.

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