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Here at Wolfgang Athletics, we believe that slow progress is better than no progress. We focus on getting 1% better everyday and we achieve that by focusing on form and technique every class. Every class is 50-minutes of fun, focused, challenging, educational drills and Strength training! You'll be coached by fitness professionals driven and committed to your success.

Adult: Total Body Strength

TBS is a format created by the Head Coach Akeem Thompson. A 50-minute Peripheral Circuit that will improve your muscle and cardio endurance. Start with a dynamic warm-up. Then jump into your first circuit. Following your 2nd circuit you'll close out with a performance drill. The best part is, you'll be with a pack!

Currently a 2x per week offering

Monday/Tuesday Workout A

Wednesday/Thursday Workout B

Group Size 3 - 6

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Youth: Speed and Strength

Our YSS program will provide the year round performance and maintenance needed for your athlete. We will open with performance drills and close with strength training. Drills to increase Quickness, reaction time and mobility. Strength to improve endurance, power and muscle mass. Our coaching is intended to improve the confidence in the athlete's decisions and performance.

Blue: Middle School Athlete

Yellow: High School Athlete

Green: In Season Athlete

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Package Options

We offer an Adult & Youth package. Both containing 8 units to schedule your classes. Schedule your classes a week ahead to reserve your spot.

Private Coaching

Team up with our coaches and put together a plan to achieve your specific fitness goal(s). Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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