Wolfgang Athletics Rogers Minnesota WOLFGANG ATHLETICSPersonal Training and Group Exercise classes.

Wolfgang Athletics based in Rogers Minnesota and serving the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis.
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About Us
Personal Training and Group Exercise Classes for youth and seniors

Welcome to Wolfgang Athletics! Based in Rogers Minnesota, and serving the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis.

The inspiration of Wolfgang Athletics came with the birth of our son Wolfgang Thompson, in March of 2020. Our hope was to keep our family fit and closely connected, but little did we know it was going to turn into something much bigger.

We are proud to offer Personal Training and Group Exercise Classes for youth and seniors who are a part of the communities we serve.

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Wolfgang Athletics Our Programs
Our Programs

We offer both private and small group coaching for all fitness levels. Every class is 50 minutes of fun & focus! Whether your goal is sports specific, fat loss, general maintenance or looking for guidance. We are here to help!

See programs below:

Wolfgang Athletics Total Body Strength
Adult: Total Body Strength

As we age, our risk of chronic conditions rises. Our Total Body Strength (TBS) program is designed to combat the increase of preventable diseases. Functional strength training to maintain/improve muscle mass, bone density and metabolism for longevity and vitality are cornerstones of TBS.

Youth Athletes Speed & Strength
Youth: Speed & Strength

With the focus of the athletes long term development, our Youth Speed and Strength (YSS) program provides guided strength training, plyometrics, mentorship, and diverse performance drills. Let’s create an environment where the athlete gains an explosive edge!

Wolfgang Athletics Rogers MN Private Coaching
Private Coaching

Curious what a custom fitness program could do for you? This avenue offers flexibility with your schedule, frequency, intensity and nutritional guidance. Programs backed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s OPT Model to improve posture and burn fat.